Julieanne Henry Design is a residential interior design service that takes what is meaningful & important to clients and uses that as the basis to create their home.  Far from a "cookie-cutter" approach, Julieanne Henry Interior Design is client-focused at all times.  Their projects reflect a natural aesthetic for luxury in a well-thought-out way - there is nothing in the finished project that does not have a reason to be.  Think functional, bold, luxurious, well-balanced design.  

Julieanne Henry Interior Design has earned a strong reputation for delivering services with transparency, working in a collaborative way, meeting deadlines and budgets, without compromising on quality.


With over 20 years in the industry, Julieanne Henry worked as an interior decorator and stylist, before formally studying colour theory and design.  Upon graduating, Julieanne gained valuable experience working in one of Sydney's prestigious design stores based in Woollahra for 10 years.  Julieanne Henry Interior Design was established six years ago and has built strong relationships with architects, builders, artisan painters, upholsterers, furniture designers and more.   The choice to engage Julieanne Henry Interior Design opens up your project to these expert contractors and specialists.


Julieanne's inherent aesthetic comes from her love of colour and travel. Travelling is what unleashes her designer's mind and eye, and she is constantly drawn to exotic, adventurous and luxurious use of texture, form, and palette.




"I had the pleasure of Julieanne creating the most beautiful space in my home, which we called 'The Blue Room'. Julieanne took my random ideas, my likes and dislikes and was able to piece it all together into a cohesive design. She not only has the ability to create beautiful rooms, but she also listens to you and allows you to create with her.  I loved working with Julieanne, her knowledge on interiors, her contacts and her willingness to assist me went far beyond the 'norm' of client/designer relationship. She is a hidden gem in the world of interior design."


Cheryl - Country Club

"We have used Julieanne Henry to help us furnish, decorate and soften our contemporary house since 2012. 
At all times she has been professional, courteous, warm, friendly and calm under pressure. 
Despite us not knowing what we wanted as we are used to older, more traditional homes, Julieanne has given us a beautiful house that we are very proud of. At the same time, it is very family-friendly and welcoming to all. At times, Julieanne presented us with ideas that were outside our comfort zone but she was completely right and those things are probably the most admired features in our house.
We would not hesitate in recommending Julieanne to anyone who needs help with the furnishing or decorating for either contemporary or more traditional styles as she has a keen eye for style, functionality and comfort and well able to work to a budget if necessary."


Penny - Mosman